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Due to the recent overload in financing applications received we have turned to Freedom Auto Depot to conduct the applications. 

All applications received will be reviewed by Freedom Auto Depot an online financing center and if the information provided in the application meets our requirements the applicant will be notified with 12 hours from the time we receive your approved application.  We usually receive approved information status on qualified applicants in normally less than 24-hours, and we will then in return send the applicant an email stating the approval.  If the applicants application is denied Freedom Auto Depot will send the applicant denial information including the future requirements that must be met inorder to be approved.

Over 60 % of applicants have met our requirements for approval.  Some of our requirements are withheld.  An established Credit Score helps but is not a requirement.  The main general requirement is the applicant must have withheld a job for atleast 3-months along with other general undisclosed requirements that will be decided by the application.  Our terms and conditions are different than those of Freedom Auto Depot and need to be read before applying.

By continuing to the application, you agree and understand that our terms and conditions and/or privacy policies are different than those of Freedom Auto Depot, and its you're responsibility to read their terms and conditions.


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